TPS is a national dispensing pharmacy for pharmaceutical manufacturers’ patient assistance programs, first fill, voucher fill, and contracted pharmacy. Our target is small or mid-sized pharmaceutical manufacturers.

TPS is located in Bemidji, MN with a family-oriented work atmosphere.

TPS is known as a cost-friendly solution in the industry.

TPS is unique in that we promote extraordinary customer service to all dispensed patients, doctors, doctor’s offices, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Being owned by a former retail pharmacist, we have seen firsthand the effect of substandard customer service.

TPS team to make a difference by providing patient counseling by a personable pharmacist, timely return phone calls, automatic refills with notification, pharmacist availability, and the ability of all staff to make the patient feel like they just walked into their home town pharmacy to talk with the pharmacist they have known for years.

This is our mission, goal, and quest. This customer service can be seen in the patient’s compliance and persistency, continuation of medication, quality of care, and customer satisfaction.