TPS will provide cost effective, patient centric “turn-key solutions” for your Brand Patient Assistance Program (PAP). Our team will assist in the development and implementation of a customized solution for your specific needs. This includes integration of a new web design or collaborative web design, application approval/disapproval outline, application design, and circulation marketing of your Brand (PAP) to benefit patients with financial needs.

TPS became into existence due to an unmet patient need. Mail order and specialty pharmacy patients repeatedly came into the corner drug store for counseling and customer care that were not existent from these establishments. TPS is staffed with pharmacists that have the ability to make the patient feel like they just walked into their home-town pharmacy, to talk with the pharmacist they have known for years. This home-town caring experience, along with the Brand specific training to all of our staff, ensures exemplary quality of care and enhanced clinical outcomes. Our extraordinary customer service extends to the doctor, doctors’ office, and to you, the manufacturer. This is what differentiates TPS from our competitors.

Our “No Patient Left Behind” policy ensures every patient is assisted and cared for to the full extent of possibilities, regardless of (PAP) approval or disapproval. We offer help solutions through a variety of state, federal, and private programs for every patient in need. Our Patient Centric Programs along with our “No Patient Left Behind” policy, will provide for every possible customer care need.

TPS employs dedicated pharmacy software, fax lines and machines per manufacturer to provide unequalled customer care to you. This unique ability safeguards data, affords weekly, monthly, yearly reporting, and becomes a customizable solution for your needs.

TPS has successfully transferred current in-house patient assistance programs within 30 days of contract signature. This ease of transferability secures your patients in need with uninterrupted pharmacy services and customer care. Our team is committed to this medication adherence and compliance.

TPS goal is to provide cost effective, patient centric “turn-key” solutions.  This goal and quest is centered in our Patient Centric Programs.  We have extensive experience with retail patients, who were not satisfied with specialty pharmacy and mail order pharmacies customer service. Transformed by this knowledge, we have created our Patient Centric Programs through all of our solutions.

TPS Patient Centric Programs includes but is not limited to:

  1. Team of Brand trained pharmacists and Specialty Care Coordinators ensure exemplary customer service.
  2. Delivery of strategically timed communications with detailed patient education.
  3. 1-800 # automated call center.
  4. Direct pharmacist to patient counseling on every new prescription ASHP Guidelines.
  5. Same day service – PAP application approval/disapproval/notification/dispensing.
  6. Automatic refills with call notification.
  7. Next day service available.
  8. Medication delivery confirmation.
  9. Doctor verification, notification of drug interactions and lack of refill available.
  10. Account management and communication to the patient about lack of refills.
  11. Written ADE reporting, trained personnel.
  12. Pharmacist on call 24/7/365.
  13. Reimbursement Support Programs.
  14. Prior Authorization Support Programs built into our pharmacy software.
  15. Voucher activation and business relationship with voucher manufacturer.
  16. Ability to use dedicated pharmacy software, fax lines and machines per manufacturer.
  17. No Patient Left Behind financial assistance support.
  18. REMS counseling and support.
  19. Compliance and Persistency to increase clinical outcomes.
  20. Medication Therapy Management that is Multi-tiered – Adherence.

TPS Home Town Pharmacy Services is not just an idea, but a quest. Substandard customer service by specialty and mail order pharmacies in the industry was the driving force to name and implement this program throughout all of our programs. Pharmacist availability, knowledge and concern is just the start of extraordinary customer care we provide to each patient.

TPS secret sauce is the ability of all staff to make the patient feel like they just walked into their Home Town pharmacy to talk with the pharmacist they have known for years. These hand-picked pharmacists and staff, along with our Patient Centric Programs ensures the upmost level of customer care.

TPS Home Town Pharmacy Services added with our Direct Distribution Services and Patient Centric Programs will provide an unequalled patient experience without the 2 hour wait times, large parking lots, backed up lines and counters, rude employees, and non-passionate pharmacists.  Our hope is to bring back the experience of a Home Town Pharmacy visit of yesterday, when the pharmacist knew you and your family, and honestly cared for your wellness and friendship.

Truax Patient Services (TPS)

TPS will channel the distribution of your Brand product directly to the patient with our “Brand X at Home” program. The changing dynamic in pharmaceutical manufacturing business models requires an out of the box idea. Every effort must be made to offset high co-pays, non-formularies, and lack of distribution during Brand launch or loss of Brand exclusivity. This program drives your patient’s into a unique channel that preserves a portion of the Brand’s market.

TPS “Brand X at Home” program allows for a fast and convenient delivery or your product direct to patients and works as follows:

  1. TPS “Brand X at Home” team has experienced retail answers to the marketing of this new distribution model. Through web design, social media, and current sales representatives are but a few of the avenues to be deliberated.
  2. TPS specialty care coordinators functioning through our Patient Centric Program to obtain your Brand prescription, handles co-pay offset, first fill, cash discount fill, and voucher fill programs. TPS Home Town Pharmacy Service dispenses prescription direct to the patients’ home with a full pharmacist availability and counseling services. Home Town Pharmacy Services ensures compliance and persistency and enhanced clinical outcomes.
  3. Manufacturer ships product direct to TPS.  By this, you will avoid wholesaler costs and have decreased inventory in the distribution channel.  TPS is willing to negotiate a contract that will procure part of the retail markup insuring increased revenue per unit.

“Brand X at Home” Provides a number of benefits as margins are decreasing in the current manufacturing world.  Shifting to an exclusive pharmacy distribution model will eliminate unnecessary distribution costs, decrease inventory in the distribution channel and free up capital for other programs. Having a low cost provider option, you now own part of the vertical distribution channel, as well as the pharmacy-patient relationship.  This vertical distribution channel allows you to have increased access to co-pay offset programs, data, and coordinated marketing opportunities.


TPS pharmacists have extensive clinical and retail pharmacy experience.